Thursday, February 25, 2010

Second Battle of Naumburg

Move 10

1700 to 1800 6 June 1813


Top left - 1 French corps prepare top move out of Naumburg

Centre left – 2 French corps move forward south of Naumburg

Centre - French cavalry in Rout

Centre – Napoleon is with cavalry commander
Bottom left - 3 French corps halt in front of hill

Bottom right – 14 corps in Rout or Shaken

Top right - 3 Russian corps halt because of cavalry melee

Centre right – 1 and 2 Russian corps halt because of cavalry melee

Centre right – Kutuzov with commander 1 corps

Centre right - 4 Russian corps engage Westphalians

Move Sequence

14 Westphalian skirmish with last two infantry brigades

4 Russian skirmish with remaining Westphalian infantry

Kutuzov change 1 corps orders to “Engage”

2 Russian unable to advance due to cavalry melee

1 Russian cossacks charge guard grenadier in flank and destroy them

3 French change orders to “Halt”, rally gunners on ridge and save guns

Napoleon orders “General Retreat”

Infantry Skirmish
The two remaining Westphalian infantry brigades skirmish with 4 Russian corps. Two Russian brigades pin the Westphalians, whilst a third moves against their flank. The Westphalians have already lost two casualties each, and one brigade is Shaken. It is unlikely that they will be able to hold for much longer. One Russian brigade has suffered one casualty and is also shaken

Note on end of game
Napoleon has decided that he can no longer win this battle and orders a General Withdrawal. There is currently a gap between both armies, and it would take more than the remaining two moves until nightfall to close that gap. It was therefore agreed to end the game at this point .

The two Westphalian infantry brigades will be allowed to withdraw.

The French gunners on the hill will be allowed to rejoin their guns and save them.

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