Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second Battle of Naumburg

Move 8

1500 to 1600 6 June 1813


Top left - 1 French corps in Naumburg

Top left – 2 French corps deploy south of Naumburg

Centre left - French cavalry reserve advance to engage enemy cavalry
Bottom left - 3 French corps advance from hill

Bottom right – 14 corps move forward to engage enemy

Bottom left – Napoleon is with 1 corps in Naumburg

Top right - 3 Russian corps advance towards Naumburg

Centre right – 2 Russian corps form column of attack

Centre right - 4 Russian corps gunners seek shelter in square

Centre right – Kutuzov is with commander 4 corps

Move Sequence

1 Russian move towards centre

3 Russian move towards Naumburg

Napoleon change cavalry reserve orders to “Attack”

2 French start to deploy in centre

2 Russian infantry form column of attack

French reserve cavalry move forward to charge enemy cavalry

3 French artillery hit square, who are shaken

14 Westphalian artillery also hit square, who remain shaken

4 Russian artillery hit column, who make morale

Poor Card

1 French artillery hit column, who are shaken

Kutuzov change 2 corps orders to “Engage”

Cavalry Melee
French reserve cavalry are now on Attack orders and move within charge distance of enemy cavalry to charge them next move. Supported by 2 corps dragoons they will attempt to break the Russian centre. If successful this would almost certainly result in a French victory.

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