Friday, January 29, 2010

Campaign developments

Over the past three weeks it has become apparent that there has been a loss of interest in the campaign. Two players confirmed that they would no longer be able to continue with the campaign. A further two players failed to send in their movement orders despite at least two reminders. I have not heard from them since Christmas, so I must assume that they also have lost interest in the game.

The delay in the play whilst I waited, in vain, for replies has meant that the campaign has lost its impetus.

The campaign was moving towards a major battle, and I feel it would not be fair to ask the remaining six players to take on the added task of trying to sort out the complicated movements.

The campaign was within two moves of a major battle, and that would have been a good point to draw the campaign to a close.

I do not want to end the campaign on this sad note. A lot of players have put considerable work into it so far, and it would be very unfair on them. So I have decided to convert the PBEM to a solo campaign for the final two or three moves.

The PBEM will end on move 14, the last move for which I received all of the corps commander movement orders. That would be 1600 5 June 1813.

I have received orders for six corps for move 15, and I will issue the two missing orders myself. That will take the campaign up to 2000 5 June 1813.

There will then be a major battle starting on Move 16 0800 6 June 1813. This battle will bring the campaign to an end.

As the PBEM campaign has now ceased, and as hidden movement is no longer an issue, I will include a campaign map with move 15, which will show the locations of all commands at at nightfall on 5 June 1813.

I am sorry that this action has been necessary, particularly for those players who have supported the campaign to this point.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Campaign Move 14

Campaign Diary
1200 to 1600 5 June 1813
4 Russian Corps marching to Zeitz
Napoleon has crossed the river Saale between Naumburg and Gera. However his retreat from Zeitz has left the Imperial Garde and reserve cavalry seriously exposed at Naumburg. He has ordered his army to concentrate there.

Kutuzov has also ordered a concentration at Zeitz. However this will leave the vital supply routes from Lutzen to Leipzig and Rohenburg to Dresden undefended. If he cannot achieve a quick and decisive victory over the French the loss of both supply lines could prove disastrous.

Both armies are widely separated, and the French also have the river Saale to contend with. The Russians are on interior lines, and can expect to concentrate first. However they will then have to move against the French.

It is now a matter of who can concentrate first and seize the initiative.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Campaign Move 13

Campaign Diary
0800 to 1200 5 June 1813

French on the move

The campaign has entered a critical phase, with both armies moving into close contact. As this campaign involves hidden movement it is difficult for me to explain more without giving away information about the enemy.

The movement following the battle of Zeitz, and other cavalry contact reports at the end of Move 12, has lifted the veil slightly. Some commanders have become aware that they are somewhat exposed, others that they are too far from the centre of operations.

Commanders in Chief received their daily update at the end of Move 12, and have issued new orders to their corps commanders for Move 13.