Saturday, January 16, 2010

Campaign Move 14

Campaign Diary
1200 to 1600 5 June 1813
4 Russian Corps marching to Zeitz
Napoleon has crossed the river Saale between Naumburg and Gera. However his retreat from Zeitz has left the Imperial Garde and reserve cavalry seriously exposed at Naumburg. He has ordered his army to concentrate there.

Kutuzov has also ordered a concentration at Zeitz. However this will leave the vital supply routes from Lutzen to Leipzig and Rohenburg to Dresden undefended. If he cannot achieve a quick and decisive victory over the French the loss of both supply lines could prove disastrous.

Both armies are widely separated, and the French also have the river Saale to contend with. The Russians are on interior lines, and can expect to concentrate first. However they will then have to move against the French.

It is now a matter of who can concentrate first and seize the initiative.

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