Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Second Battle of Naumburg

Move 2

0900 to 1000 6 June 1813

Top left - 1 French corps in Naumburg
Centre left - French cavalry move forward
Bottom left - 3 French corps occupy hill
Bottom right – 14 Westphalian arrive
Bottom right – Napoleon with 14 Westphalian

Too right - 3 Russian corps moving through pass towards Naumburg
Top right – Kutuzov at right of pass waiting for 2 corps to arrive
Centre right - 4 Russian corps turn to face enemy

Move Sequence
1 French orders on Hold orders, no movement
3 French corps move artillery onto hill and deploy infantry behind hill
French cavalry move towards 4 Russian corps
Poor Card
2 Russian corps again unable to arrive due to 3 corps blocking Zeitz road through pass
Napoleon moves to 14 Westphalian and change orders “Engage 4 Russian corps”
Kutuzov moves to 3 Russian corps change orders to “Hold”
3 Russian corps miss move due to Poor Card
4 Russian corps turn to face threat and deploy artillery
14 Westphalians arrive and march towards 4 Russian corps

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