Friday, February 19, 2010

Second Battle of Naumburg

Move 5

1200 to 1300 6 June 1813

Top left - 1 French corps in Naumburg
Top left – 2 French corps moving through Naumburg
Centre left - French cavalry reserve
Bottom left - 3 French corps deployed on hill
Bottom left – Napoleon is with commander 3 corps
Bottom right – 14 corps arrive right of hill

Top right - 3 Russian corps deployed in front of Naumburg
Top right – Kutuzov is with commander 3 corps
Centre right – 2 Russian corps arrive between 3 and 4 corps
Centre right - 4 Russian corps trying to deploy to face enemy

Move Sequence
2 Russian cavalry in line to cover advance
French cavalry have “Halt” orders, no action
Napoleon change 2 corps orders “Move to the centre”
1 Russian move through pass towards Naumburg
2 French move towards centre
Poor Card
3 French unlimber artillery
4 Russian miss move again, for the third time, due to Poor Card
14 Westphalian artillery fire and miss, infantry move forward
3 Russian move cavalry to left flank
Kutuzov move to 1 corps change orders “Move to centre”

Note. When the Poor Card is drawn the next poor commander whose card is drawn may not issue orders. His corps may fight if attacked, but cannot initiate any movement or action. There is one French and two Russian poor commanders in this game.

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