Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second Battle of Naumburg

Move 6

1300 to 1400 6 June 1813


Top left - 1 French corps in Naumburg

Top left – 2 French corps march through Naumburg

Centre left - French cavalry reserve
Bottom left - 3 French corps cavalry move within charge move of enemy flank

Bottom right – 14 corps deploy to right of hill

Bottom left – Napoleon is with commander 14 corps

Top right - 3 Russian corps deployed in front of Naumburg

Centre right – 2 Russian corps arrive between 3 and 4 corps

Centre right - 4 Russian corps trying to deploy to face enemy

Centre right – Kutuzov is with commander 4 corps

Move Sequence

14 Westphalian artillery fire and miss, infantry deploy into attack column

1 Russian move through pass towards Naumburg

3 Russian cavalry form line on left flank

Poor Card

Kutuzov change 3 corps orders to “move to farm” and joins 4 corps

French reserve cavalry “Hold” orders, no action

2 French move towards approach centre from Naumburg

1 French “Hold” orders, no action

Napoleon change 3 corps orders to “Engage”, move to 14 Westphalian

3 French cavalry move within charge distance of enemy cavalry flank

4 Russian miss move again, fourth time, due to Poor Card

Traffic jam in Naumburg
2 French corps march through the town on their way to their deployment area to the right of the town. 1 French corps (the Imperial Garde) are deployed in and around the town to hold the road open until 2 corps are in position.

When the Poor Card is drawn the next poor commander whose card is drawn may not issue orders. His corps may fight if attacked, but cannot initiate any movement or action. There is one French and two Russian poor commanders in this game. CinC can give his move to a poor commander providing he is in base contact and pays the command points to do so. Kutuzov has joined 4 corps so that he can do so next move if necessary.

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