Friday, February 12, 2010

Campaign Move 15

Campaign Diary

1600 to 2000 5 June 1813

The French Garde and cavalry reserve have taken up position to hold Naumburg, the remainder of the French army have orders to march to Naumburg.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Russian corps have joined forces at Zietz, and 1st corps is marching south to join them.

At midnight Napoleon issues orders to hold Naumburg.

At midnight Kutuzov issues order to march on Naumburg

Campaign Note

As the player participation part of the campaign has now ended, I can show the positions of all corps as at nightfall on 5 June 1813.

Four of the ten players have failed to let me have their movement orders for this move, which is the reason that I have had to suspend the PBEM campaign. Rather than end the campaign at this point, I have decided to close it with a major battle. I have followed the orders received for Move 15 as closely as possible, and I have moved those corps without orders to provide a final battle in which both sides have a reasonable chance of winning.

The final battle will be fought for Naumburg. 1st French corps and the French cavalry reserve will be on Hold orders, all other corps will start the game with “Move to Naumburg” orders.

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