Thursday, December 17, 2009

Campaign Move 12

Campaign Diary
1600 to 2000 14 June 1813

Zeitz at nightfall

General Langeron fails to take the Halle bridge and falls back to Lutzen, leaving 2nd French corps in control of the town.

Further south general Friant with the Imperial Garde attempts to take Zeitz, which is held by 2nd Russian corps commanded by general Sacken. The 3rd Russian corps arrives during the battle, as does the French reserve cavalry division. Friant has hoped to take Zeitz before the reinforcements arrived, however he had to made a detour to his left to avoid 3rd Russian corps, and this resulted in too much time being lost.

At nightfall the two armies are face to face and both commanders in chief will have to decide whether to continue the battle at daybreak.

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