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Campaign Move 11

Battle of Halle

1200 to 1600 4 June 1813

Campaign Map to Wargames Table

Photo of wargames table at 1200 4 June 1813

Campaign background

2nd French corps approached Halle at 0800 on 4 June 1813, and spotted a large body of Cossacks approaching the bridge over the river Saale along the Lutzen road. The bridge is to the east of the town, and Marshal Victor immediately ordered his corps to move through the town and secure the bridge

General Langeron had reached Lutzen two days earlier, and his corps was deployed to hold the town. A small body of French cavalry were deployed on the eastern end of the Halle bridge over the river Saale, and Langeron sent his Cossacks forward to observe and contain them.

Just after daybreak on 4 June 1813 Langeron was advised that the French cavalry were withdrawing over the bridge, and with their supports were move south along the western bank of the river Saale. They also reported a French column approaching Halle from the west, but no enemy actually in Halle itself.

Presented with this opportunity to take Halle, he ordered his corps forward with orders to cross the bridge and occupy the town. If they encountered any of the enemy they were to engage them.

French marching through Halle

French Order of Battle

2 French Corps Marshal Victor (A)

5 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

6 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

7 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB

8 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

2 Corps Artillery CB 12 pounder

Russians approach Saale bridge

Russian Order of Battle

1 Corps General Langron (G)

1 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB

2 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

3 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB

4 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

1 Cavalry Brigade CB Light

Corps Artillery CB 12 pounder

Wargames Table

Halle is the town on the left, and the river Saale runs north to south in the centre. The vital bridge is in the centre of the table.

1st Russian corps is approaching from the right on the Lutzen road. The head of the column is just leaving the woods. The Cossack brigade is at the eastern end of the bridge.

2nd French corps is passing through Halle on the road leading to the bridge. Their cavalry brigade have been detached, so they are without cavalry support.

The road on the western side of the river is the Naumburg road.

The battlefield is quite crowded, with two farms, a large woods and two hills, one on the Naumburg road and the other to the south of the Lutzen road.

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