Thursday, December 10, 2009

Campaign Move 11

Campaign Diary
1200 to 1600 4 June 1813

Battle of Zeitz

Campaign map at the start of the battle of Zeitz

This move saw the start of two battles. The first was Halle, which has already been published. The second was further south at Zeitz.

On move 8, 3 June 1813, 1st French corps and 2nd Russian corps had fought a minor action at Naumburg. The Russians were ordered to break off the action and retreat to Zeitz. There were no casualties in this combat.

The French cavalry maintained contact with the Russian rear guard during this retreat, and soon determined that the Russians were going to defend Zeitz. The also reported that 3rd Russian corps were marching towards Zeitz from Rohenburg.

General Friant decided to attack Zeitz. He was aware that the cavalry reserve were approaching from Halle, and would use them to delay 3rd Russian corps. He was confident that the Garde could take Zeitz before their reinforcements could arrive.

At first light the Garde Chasseurs drove in the Russian cavalry screen and the Garde advanced on Zeitz.

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