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Campaign Move 11

Battle of Zeitz

1200 to 1600 4 June 1813

Campaign Map to Wargames Table

Photo of wargames table at 1200 4 June 1813

Campaign background

At first light the French guard cavalry attacked the Russian cavalry, overthrew them and chased them back to 2nd Russian corps at Zeitz. At midday general Friant ordered the Imperial Garde to advance and take Zeitz.

The previous day 2nd Russian corps had been ordered to break contact at Nurmburg and withdraw to Zeitz. They were now rested and combat ready and had orders to hold Zeitz.

French Order of Battle

1 French corps marching towards Zeitz

1 French Corps General Friant (G)

1 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB

2 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

3 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB

4 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

1 Cavalry Brigade CA Light

1 Foot Artillery CA 12 pounder

Russian Order of Battle

2 Russian corps in Zeitz

2 Russian Corps General Sacken (A)

5 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB

6 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

7 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB

8 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

2 Cavalry Brigade CB Heavy

Corps Artillery CB 12 pounder

Wargames Table

Zeitz is the small town on cross roads on the right. The river Saale can be seen top left.

2nd Russian corps is deployed in and around the town with orders to hold it at all costs.

1st French corps is marching on the Naumburg road on the left, with their cavalry brigade on the high ground overlooking Zeitz.

The road at the top goes to Lutzen and at the bottom to Rohenburg.

The battlefield includes three farms as well as Zeitz, and a strategically placed pass on the Naumburg road


At 1600 the 3rd Russian corps will reach the battlefield along the Rohenburg road, and the French cavalry division just south of the river Saale.

3 Russian Corps General Wittgenstein (P)

9 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB

10 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

11 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB

12 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

3 Cavalry Brigade CB Light

Corps Artillery CB 9 pounder

Reserve Cavalry General Exelmans (A)

2 Cavalry Brigade CB Medium

14 Cavalry Brigade CC Light

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