Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rule 3 - Map Movement

Campaign Map

This is the only map which will be used during the campaign

Each square is the same as a scenic square on the wargames table.

Red roads are main supply routes

Rivers can only be crossed by bridges

Hills, woods and broken ground are all difficult terrain and will impose move penalties if crossed other than along the roads.

Daily Movement

On roads – three squares
Off roads in open terrain – two squares
Off roads in difficult terrain – one square

Campaign movement and movement orders

CinC will issue orders to corps commanders for the next campaign day

Corps commanders will issue a movement order for each movement phase of that day

Each day is divided into three movement phases.

Move 1 – 0800 to 1200
Move 2 – 1200 to 1600
Move 3 – 1600 to 2000


  1. Given there are 3 movement phases a day, you might want to change how you rate movement distance.
    Rather than a per day rate, change it to a number of points per square needed to traverse.
    Each movement phase you accumulate 1.
    So roads would be 1 point (all road movement give you 3/day).
    Open terrain is 1.5
    Difficult terrain is 3 (all day in one square).

    This way players can move off a road mid-day and it is less confusing to decide how long they will be traversing that square.

  2. Hi David

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    The days are broken into three stages so that corps can "march to the sound of the guns" and support an ongoing battle. I think it might confuse things if I were to change the hourly stages.