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Campaign Move 4

Battle of Naumburg
0800 - 1200 3 June 1813

Campaign Map to Wargames Table

Campaign background

At first light on the morning of 3 June 1813 general Sacken was approaching Naumburg on the east bank of the river Saale, when he received reports from his cavalry screen that French cavalry had crossed the river and were approaching the town from the west. He ordered his cavalry to contain the enemy and discover what was behind the cavalry screen

The French cavalry was a brigade of chasseurs, the advance guard of the 1st corps, the Imperial Garde. Napoleon was not present, and the decision whether to fight or not rested with general Friant. Without hesitation he ordered his corps to cross the bridge and advance on Naumburg, the cavalry would hold their ground to cover the crossing.

French Order of Battle

1 French Corps General Friant (G)
1 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB
2 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB
3 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB
4 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC
1 Cavalry Brigade CA Light
1 Foot Artillery CA 12 pounder

Russian Order of Battle

2 Corps General Sacken (A)
5 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB
6 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB
7 Infantry Brigade CB FC SB
8 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC
2 Cavalry Brigade CB Heavy
Corps Artillery CB 12 pounder

Wargames Table

The town at the crossroads is Naumberg. The top road leads to Halle and the bottom to Gera. The road on the right is from Zeitz and on the left to Weimar. The river is the Saale. The terrain is open and flat except for one hill to the west of the Gera road.

The Russians are approaching the town from the right along the Zeitz road, their cavalry are south of the town observing the French advance

The French are just starting to cross the river, and their cavalry are deployed to protect the crossing from the enemy cavalry

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