Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Campaign Move 1

Campaign Diary
0800 to 1200 1 June 1813

Napoleon reviews First French Army at Fulda

In late May Napoleon arrived at Fulda with the Imperial Garde. He immediately reviewed the First French army, with which he would march east towards the river Saale

The Imperial Garde was not the same as the elite body which Napoleon had led into Russia the previous year. They were mainly veterans from Spain, plus the best of the new conscripts.

The remaining two French corps were also built around cadre’s from Spain and consisted mostly of garrison troops, navy personnel and raw recruits.

The Westphalian corps contained survivors from the Russian campaign, men from the coastal garrisons and yet more conscripts.

On 1 June 1813 they marched east and began the Halle campaign of 1813

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