Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rule 1 - Commander in Chief

Role of CinC

He is responsible for planning the campaign, resupply and command in multi corps battles.

He must give each corps commander an objective. This is normally a town or a terrain feature such as a bridge.

I will allocate the main supply base and a forward supply base for each corps at the start of the campaign. If one of these is lost to the enemy I will consult with the CinC to choose an alternative.

CinC orders

He must be within 8 map squares to issue orders

He will issue an order each campaign day.

It will confirm where his HQ is to move to, and by which squares he intends to move.

It will also confirm the next objective for each corps commander. The exact route they use will be up to them.

Example of Daily orders

Subject : French CinC orders for 3 May

HQ – move from Helstedt to Seehausen – B5 to C5 to D5 to E5

4 corps – move from Halbeck to Colbitz – search for enemy
5 corps – move from Seehausen to Magdeburg – search for enemy
6 corps – move from Groningen to Calbe– search for enemy
13 corps – remain at Helmstedt – army reserve

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