Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introduction to the Campaign

The aim of the campaign is to improve test procedures for a multi player play by email campaign, and to improve those procedures used in the previous 1813 Magdeburg Campaign.

Only the two maps provided will be used during the campaign

Historical background
This is not a historical campaign. It is set in 1813, but is not intended to follow the historical campaign

Player requirements
All players should have access to the internet Monday to Friday and they should be able to reply to an email within 24 hours.

It is anticipated that each player will normally have to submit orders every three days. However if his corps is in contact with the enemy he may have to do so daily.

There are two roles available, that of CinC and corps commander. The full responsibilities of each are shown in the blog Rules for CinC and Rules for corps commander.

Campaign routine
The campaign is divided into moves. There are three moves in each campaign day as follows:

0800 to 1200
1200 to 1600
1600 to 2000

Each CinC will be required to issue orders to his corps every campaign day.

Each corps commander will be required to issue movement orders for his corps for each move of the day

Hidden movement
No enemy locations will be given to players until actual contact is made.

Each corps will have a cavalry brigade screening its advance. This brigade will always be one square ahead of the corps, and can identify enemy up to two squares ahead. Therefore the corps will be aware of enemy who move within three squares.

When this happens the two corps will halt I will send a report from the cavalry to the corps commander, who will then have 24 hours to notify me what he wants to do. If he advances a battle will be fought

All battles will be played as wargames by Jan and me

Campaign blog
I will publish a campaign report each day for each move (that is one third of a campaign day). Maps will only be used to show battle positions, when both sides would be aware of the enemy locations.

If a battle if fought I will publish a battle report for each hour of the battle, as one move on the table is the same as one hour in the campaign

Players required
If you would like to take part in the campaign, or would like further information, please drop me an email at

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