Saturday, October 31, 2009

Campaign Background


The campaign is set in central Germany in June 1813.

Russian Army

Marshal Kutuzov has spent the last five months resting and reorganizing his army after the terrible Russian campaign of the previous year.

His army consists of four balanced corps. Each has one elite infantry brigade, two regular and one conscript. His cavalry and artillery are all well trained regulars. His commanders are average and poor.

First French Army

Since his return from Russia the previous year Napoleon has made great efforts to create his new First French Army. It combines the survivors from Russia, reinforcements from Spain and a large proportion of conscripts.

His army consists of four corps. The Imperial Garde contains the best troops. The two French corps contain average and poor troops. The Westphalian corps has the poorest troops and equipment. His commanders are better than the Russians

Start of campaign

The campaign opens on 1 June 1813.

Both armies are moving towards the river Saale.

The campaign objective is to cross the river, engage and destroy the enemy

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